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NTI Parent/Family Reflection and Planning for the 20/21 School Year

Fairview Families,
Please consider completing the survey below and providing your valuable input.
This survey includes both NTI Parent/Family Reflection and a few questions related to current planning for the 20/21 school year.
A question towards the end of survey that you’ll want to be aware of and only applies to parents and families of students in grades K-5 is as follows:
In consideration of not only the loss of learning due to the extended school closure but also the social and emotional impact it has had on our students, we are considering doing something a little outside of the box with the start of next year.
Students in grades K through 6th would start off the year with the same teacher they had this year for the first 10-15 instructional days of the year. The exact number would be determined later this summer as we get closer to finalizing re-opening plans for the 20/21 school year.
This would result in a delay in pre-k starting and 6th graders not going to the middle school but returning to FES on their first day of school for this transition time. Our pre-k receives five full days of instruction weekly compared to the typical four days in most districts, therefore they would have the necessary time in the calendar. Students would be enrolled and considered to be in the grade they are starting as promoter after this year. For example, 6th graders would be 6th graders but attending this short time in class at FES with their 5th grade teachers they left on 3/13/20 when the emergency closure started. 6th graders would also participate in open house at FMS and complete enrollment processes at FMS. For the most part, the only change would be this short period of time at the beginning of the year set aside for a healthy transition.
Putting in place this plan for the start of the 20/21 school year will allow for us to intentionally plan the transition resulting in many benefits for our students around their social and emotional health as well as student learning due to the emergency extended closure this year.
Survey question - please do not answer here on Facebook.
Pre-K through 5th Grade parents, do you believe this approach would be beneficial for your child? Please give details as to why you do or do not believe this approach would be beneficial.
Thank you!

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