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October 31-November 4

Spelling Words

Journeys Unit 2 Lesson 3

1.    itch                              2.    wreck

3.    knee                            4.    patch

5.    wrap                            6.    knot

7.    watch                          8.    knife

9.    stretch                         10.  write

11.  knew                           12.  knock

13.  match                          14.  wrong

15.  know                           16.  Catch

17.  numb                           18.   vanish

19.  blizzard                       20. process

21.  timber                         22.  suitable


B1.  prediction                   B2.  unconscious


Weekly Vocabulary Words

“The Harvest Birds”


1.      serious:  not playful or silly; not joking


2.      patch:  a small piece of land


3.      borrow:  to use something that someone else owns and return it to them later


4.      advice:  ideas or suggestions about what someone should do


5.      ashamed:  feeling guilty, sorry, or embarrassed


6.      borders:  the edges of a place


7.      separate:  divide into groups


8.      harvest:  the ripe crops that are gathered


9.      nectar:  a sweet liquid produced by many flowering plants.


10.  process:  a number of steps that one takes in order to do or make something.


11.  span:  a period of time, the distance from one section of a bridge to another.


12.    suitable:      fit or right for some purpose or event.


13.    timber: tree trunks that can be cut into planks or boards.


14.  blizzard: a bad snowstorm


15.  predicted:  to say what you think will happen in the future


16.  vanished:  disappeared


18.  vanished:  disappeared


19.  unconscious:  no awake, fainted


20.  numb:  not able to feel anything